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465 W. Orangewood Avenue ● Anaheim, California USA 92802
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Will stay here again in a heartbeat!

Why everyone loves to stay at the Dolphin Cove Resort  where to start....It beats any hotel. We were here to see family and go to Disney of course. It is in walking distance in fact I beat my husband getting home when he parked in the Disney garage and my daughter and I walked.

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Why everyone loves to stay at the Dolphin Cove Resort  I have to admit, my wife and I had been here before a few years back to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family (from nearby San Diego) and hit up the Happiest Place on Earth. So, this is really a review of both trips in one. Each time we had a 3 bedroom unit. We took the master and left the rest of the family to fight over the rest! This last time we also had a one bedroom next door to accommodate the addition of my father and brother. They had just begun a refurbishment of the property and we were properly notified before hand. I will say it needs it. Of all the Wyndham properties we head to, this one "feels" the oldest. But, being popular and doing a good job has it's drawbacks. Families want to stay with you so the rooms will be hit a little harder that other spots. So, you weigh that with your location, amenities and the great staff. No problems checking in. Our 3 bedroom was for 7 nights but we had pieced together the 1 bedroom as 3 separate reservations. The manager on duty assured me that other than stopping by on the "check-out" days, my family could stay in the room they were in. We were around back so it was a walk to the pool and clubhouse but the benefit was when Mickey and his friends fired off their fireworks at night, we could watch from either room. So, our two year old saw a great (and long, almost 10 minutes) fireworks show every night before bed!!! She loved it. We even saw the lights from Angels' stadium from the rooms during a playoff game. Too cool. The kitchen was well stocked as we always crowded into the the bigger room. Coffee, meals and football watching all were handled there. Everyone loved it and we all had a great time. The shuttle (the biggest disappointment of the trip) pick up on the corner, CVS was 10 minutes away, Costco was 15 minutes away and walking to Disneyland ® only took 30 minutes if the shuttles were nowhere to be found. We will go back and love heading to Dolphin's Cove with the family!

-kmbyopie  via TripAdvisor

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